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How to increase productivity at work

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Did your boss catch you while you were dozing off in your chair at work again? Or did you receive another complaint from your boss?

These are signs you have been less productive at work. Let me tell you one thing; it is okay! A human who works six days a week can get a little less productive sometimes. A lot of reasons contribute to it. You need to mix and change some things around yourself to increase your work productivity.

Being productive at work is not rocket science but is more about how you manage your time to get the most out of it.

How to get productive at work

Track and plan your time

You might think that you have got your time well planned, but you need to rethink that proximity. Get a stopwatch running and measure how much time you spend doing a particular task and how much of that time you waste. Note down the details and get your work on time.

Take breaks

Working for hours can exhaust your brain and make you hit dead ends. So this hard-working brain of yours requires some rest. As counterintuitive, it sounds, but taking breaks is essential. It could be closing your eyes for a few minutes, resting your head in the chair, or having a cup of tea in peace.

Use your morning commute

Your morning commute (if you aren’t driving) can be used to make to-do lists or respond to emails. Don’t waste your morning commute scrolling facebook but brainstorm ideas and pre-plan your day. Thus, save you time.

Don’t fall into the illusion of perfection

Perfection can be a common pit for a worker. Make sure you give your best and go through it one last time, and boom submits it. Don’t waste hours to make it perfect.

Exercise breaks

Using some of your time to exercise a little can increase your productivity. If your job allows, try going for a walk or get a little massage of your head. Getting your blood pumping is what you would need on a non-productive day.

Put your phone on silent

Your phone is probably the biggest distractor out there. Once you open it, you can easily spend minutes or even hours scrolling different apps. All that buzzing and chiming should be kept on silent to have your full focus on work.

One task at a time

In contrast to what you believe, but you are not a multitasking superhero. The burden of multitasking can get you exhausted and worked up. Thus, losing both time and productivity. So please take a deep breath and choose one task at a time and master it.

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