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5 pandemic habits we will have hard time leaving

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The world is experiencing the most prolonged recession breakthrough, the lockdown imposed in light of the coronavirus spread. Living behind closed doors and house spaces have made us lazy or too relaxed in some way.

The round the clock lengthy stay at home might be the first you have experienced after hitting adulthood. So what is about this global pandemic that made us pick some new habits?

Yes! We all did pick some new habits, which might stick to us a long time after it ends.

Some Pandemic habits are:

Binge eating

Working or studying from home has made us try some new recipes and binge eat them every once. The lockdown made families reunite in the same house, and experimenting with food recipes was inevitable. This binge-eating habit will stick to us and our weight for a while now.

Messed up sleeping pattern

The stay at home thing has made us ditch our usual sleeping at ten routines.  This was fun back in march, but now it has become a toxic habit. Sleeping late at night has caused dark circles and blemished skin. We would need to work on our sleeping patterns for some time to shun this habit.

Excessive use of social media

Do we use the phone before we pee or while we pee first thing in the morning? Social media usage has tripled in comparison to the previous one. You are refreshing the same wall and watching another influencer pull some rabbits from the hat. One may resonate with this excessive use of the only ‘refreshing’ thing while staying at home costing us weak eyesight and has a much more negative effect on us.

Lost track of days

Losing track of days with no idea of what day or date it is the worst setback we receive from the pandemic. We all have been zooming and ticking days of the calendar before this, but the new normal has made us couch potatoes with no planning for the future. The pandemic has proven that planning does not work. It is making us a little too used to this habit. 

The new normal has fed us so many recent trends but has gotten us to the edge of the seats. We wish the world recovers from it more potently than ever.

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