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12 Ways To Improve Your Blogs

Edit, edit, edit! Every writer knows that good writing is the result of many, many changes.  Writing is a craft, you don’t improve overnight. Take your time. #12ways

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Edit, edit, edit! Every writer knows that good writing is the result of many, many changes.  Writing is a craft, you don’t improve overnight. Take your time. #12ways

Use these tips to improve your writing, and before long you’ll be known as the go-to writer for your office, business, or hobby.

1. Have someone else proofread your writing

  People are terrible at proofreading their own writing. They will make mistakes that will be too small for anyone else to see. Adding a second pair of eyes to the problem will make the writing much more accurate and will save you a lot of time and effort.

2. Use more active verbs

Use more active verbs: Using passive verbs is lazy writing, and when used , can result in bland or uninteresting writing. Passive verbs like “had” or “wore”, which are used to describe an action, tend to make the writing superficial and without much depth.

Instead, use active verbs, like “opened” or “examined.” When you’re stuck for a good verb, look for verbs with clear action. For example, “drank” is passive, while “ran” is active. Choose a good spellchecker Spellcheck is an

3. Avoid all caps

It is a common thing that when you write something, you choose caps lock. It is a fast way to emphasize things. But, some people think that caps lock is a warning sign that they are not allowed to write in caps lock. This may be true for some people but caps lock is a popular shortcut that many people use.

4. Keep it short and simple

It doesn’t need to be lengthy or detailed. Something as simple as changing a word in a sentence can make an article easier to read. This can be helpful if you are writing an article for a specific group of people. This kind of content can be easy to read for an audience that is not used to reading in long paragraphs.

5. Use examples

Having examples in your writing will help you to communicate . Not only that, having examples will help you to engage your audience as well. People who are trying to absorb new information often get bored very if they read long paragraphs or sentence fragments. To engage your audience, it’s a good idea to offer examples to drive

6. Varying sentence lengthThere are many ways you can use variable sentence length in a variety of situations. Your text editor likely has an option to do it. Or you can do it in Microsoft Word. In either case, make sure to experiment to see which works for you.

7. Varying paragraph lengths

Many styles of writing must have different lengths of paragraphs. Whether you are writing a news article, an academic paper or an introductory paragraph to your product, make sure you vary the lengths of your paragraphs. This will help you to read it easier. You want people to be able to get the full idea when they are reading.

8. Avoid filler words

Filler words can be added to complete the meaning of sentences. We’ve all read through a work email from someone and found that one word or sentence that makes their message long.

9. Use lists

Lists are an excellent way to organize information in a structured way. Everyone knows how important lists are. Not only do they help with your organization, but they also help your memory. As you keep writing, you will see that you have a better grasp of what’s in your head and you will be able to see what you forgot that you should have added.

10. Avoid passive sentences

Avoid passive sentences. Passive sentences are the key cause of prose making no sense. You must show the actions, obstacles, and results in your prose. If there are no actions, there is no need to describe them. No obstacles are ever needed to create tension in your writing. Instead of listing obstacles that you must overcome, you can instead

11. Be consistent with tense

You need to be consistent with tense. You need to switch from past to present and present to past tense. If you are not consistent with tense, it will be difficult to come up with sentences in the correct tense.

12. Use the right word

You don’t have to use the wrong word to make your point or make it hurt.

1. Writing a blog is a great way to earn money

2. Many bloggers earn a few hundred dollars, some earn even more 3. It is not difficult to start a blog

4. There are many free tools that can help you to manage your blog 5. Blogging can help you to find a job

6. Blogging can help you to make new friends

7. You can write about anything you want, travel stories, your experience, etc.

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