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5 Qualities For Affiliate Marketing

Before I go into the details of what are the 5 qualities for Affiliate Marketing, let me tell you why it’s so important. As an affiliate marketer, you have to look at the numbers and the feedback from your customers. If you can’t get a clear answer to any of the questions asked, you need to rethink how you are doing things or you may even be dismissed as a bad salesperson.



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5 Qualities For Affiliate Marketing

Before I go into the details of what are the 5 qualities for Affiliate Marketing, let me tell you why it’s so important. As an affiliate marketer, you have to look at the numbers and the feedback from your customers. If you can’t get a clear answer to any of the questions asked, you need to rethink how you are doing things or you may even be dismissed as a bad salesperson. The 5 qualities for affiliate marketing are transparency, respect, integrity, focus and passion. These are the fundamental values that must be in place for you as an affiliate to be able to run a business. Of course, if you want to achieve success, these 5 qualities have to be in place too.

The first quality for Affiliate Marketing is transparency. This means that you have to be 100% honest with your customers and if you can’t be, you should think about ways on how to improve your performance. Also, you need to be committed to your job. You can’t expect to earn money online if you won’t work. In fact, your dedication and hard work will pay off when you get that big check from the big blue screen.

The second quality for Affiliate Marketing is respect. This is probably the most important quality that will help you earn money through affiliate marketing. Customers should treat you well because after all, they are buying your products and services. If you treat them badly, they will only keep on looking for other affiliate marketers who will sell them stuff that doesn’t match their needs and wants. This is why social media plays such an important role for affiliate marketers nowadays.

The third quality for affiliate marketing is integrity. If you are going to ask for money from customers, then you have to give something in return. If you don’t, then you won’t be able to earn money. You should always put your customers first when dealing with them. Don’t be cheap or promiscuous, always give them value for their money.

The fourth quality is commitment and persistence. People can easily tell you that you are not committed to your work if you are not persistent with it. People can also easily tell you that you are a procrastinator when it comes to work. So, if you want to succeed in your online business, you need to invest time to do your tasks properly. The fifth quality for affiliate marketing is passion.

If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, then you will have difficulties accomplishing your goals for your online business. Passion can be defined as your deep and abiding interest in the activity that you are engaged in. If you are not deeply interested in the activities of affiliate marketing, then chances are, you will never achieve success in it. Having the five qualities mentioned above will help you in being a successful affiliate.

There are many successful affiliate marketers today. You can become like them if you will devote your time and efforts to learn more about this business. Many people have failed because they didn’t spend enough time studying the craft of affiliate marketing.

So, in starting your career as an affiliate marketer, these five qualities for affiliate marketing beginners will greatly help you. Remember that learning is one of the most important things that you need to do before anything else. Reading books and articles is also helpful but sometimes, reading alone may not enough to help you in understanding the process of affiliate marketing. So, what you can do is to join online discussion groups or community. Joining online communities will also expose you to a lot of people who are having the same problems as you have. These people will help you in sharing your thoughts, experiences, or any idea that you want to share with them.

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The Healthy Way to Start a Blog

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Do you have any experience in writing?



Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Do you have any experience in writing? If so, you might be an ideal candidate for starting a blog. It’s not always easy to get started with blogging, but before you know it, your readers will be asking why you didn’t start a blog sooner.

University is where you can hone your blogging skills, as well as offer your friends and family a chance to know a little bit more about you.

To help you take your blogging to the next level, here’s our top five tips to help you become a successful blogger.

1. Research Your Domain Name

Like with anything, your first blog post should look simple, professional and unique, but you want to make sure that your website isn’t too generic. Your domain name should be easy to remember and unique. Once you’ve decided on your domain name, make sure to register the domain.

Startup costs for getting a domain can be expensive, but if you want your readers to come back again and again, you need to make sure they can find you on search engines. Having a domain name is not the only thing you need to start a blog. You’ll also need to set up an email account, a web hosting account and a domain name.

But don’t get overwhelmed by all the website issues alone. Take the time to research your domain name, web hosting and email provider. You can find great starter blogs by doing this research.

2. Create Your Website

You need to choose a great website template and blog platform for your blog. You can easily purchase a website from this article. You can make a great website in a weekend if you have the time to dedicate to it.

Creating your blog can be a daunting task, but once you have your domain name, email and website, you can build a lot of content and get it out to the world.

I know I’m not the only one who needed help in building a blog. When you first start, you might feel like you’re building an entire online business, but you don’t need to go the whole way.

You can start small and get your audience to your blog, then eventually grow your blog to be a business, but you don’t need to do all of it at once.

Make sure you pay attention to every detail, because getting a website that people like to use is really important.

3. Get Followers

Once you have your website and you have the above elements, you’re ready to get your audience to your blog. One of the easiest ways to get the word out about your blog is by getting people to follow you on social media.

If you are thinking about getting Instagram followers, you need to be very careful of what kind of photos you use. If your profile picture is too provocative, it will discourage potential followers from following you. If you use a different picture for every post, your followers might become disinterested and you will lose them forever.

I recommend using a social media management tool to grow your followers, such as Hootsuite. After you set up your social media accounts, you can take the time to add comments to every post to get new followers. Then once your followers reach a certain amount, you can sell them on promoting your blog with your social media followers.

4. Create Great Content

Content is key to getting your readers to your blog. The best way to get your readers to follow you and stay with you is to create interesting and unique content. Your posts should be at least 1,000 words and they should make an impact on your reader.

Take some time to really think about what you want to share. You don’t have to write all your posts, but you do need to take time to make your blog compelling and relevant.

Make sure your posts are useful and useful to your target audience. Your readers want to know you’re adding value to their lives.

When it comes to posting on social media, make sure you follow some of the best social media marketing experts in the business. When you connect with these experts, they will ask you questions about your blog so you can see what types of posts your readers love. This will help you determine what type of content your audience wants.

When you start following your favorite social media experts, it’s natural to want to share all your ideas and learn from them. But you don’t need to copy them if you’re writing your own posts. Make sure you think about your audience when you’re posting on social media.

5. Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is really important for when you want to start earning money from your blog. You need to promote your blog on social media as well as directly from your blog. You can offer a few free blog posts as a way to get your content out there.

Promote your blog on all of your social media accounts so that you can get it in front of your audience. When you post on social media, you need to have a unique theme for each social media account.

For example, if you’re on LinkedIn, you can make a post that promotes your blog and encourages people to follow you. Then if you post on Twitter, you can tweet a similar message. It’s always better to have a unique theme when you promote your blog.

When you get your post in front of your audience, they need to read it. Social media can really slow down your promotion efforts. Make sure you have a social media manager to help promote your blog.

Don’t worry, you can still do some promotion on your own. Do it daily or weekly so that your audience stays connected with you.

How are you promoting your blog?

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What Is VPN Proxymaster?

VPNProxymaster is a well-known and highly respected company that specializes in the provisioning and deployment of virtual private networks (VPNs).



person using black and gray laptop computer beside white ceramic cup on brown wooden table

What Is VPN Proxymaster?

VPN is an ideal form of internet security, enabling you to bypass potential threats and hackers by hiding your browsing activity through another secure service. A VPN offers secure connectivity via two independent networks – one public and another secured. The latter is usually referred to as the Internet itself.

In this article we are going to focus on one particular aspect of the VPN technology – the use of Wi-Fi as a backbone for your VPN. In the past, you would need to have a free of charge Wi-Fi hotspot, or an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot at work. You would then configure your Linux based system to access this free Wi-Fi hotspot.

The main problem with this type of configuration was that you couldn’t really trust that the Wi-Fi you were using was actually secure. The random people you were forced to chat with at work might not have been exactly what you signed up for.

Now, thanks to the work of VPNProxymaster, you can configure a secure VPN that enables you to connect to a secure Wi-Fi hotspot like those found at coffee shops and airports. The nice thing about having a VPN is that not only is the Internet secure but so is everyone else on your network.

This means that your kids can use Facebook and your spouse can surf the web without worrying about privacy issues and that your employees don’t have to worry about their personal information being compromised.

So what does VPN mean? It stands for Virtual Private Network. What happens is that you establish a connection between your PC and a specific server. The server will either be secure or it won’t. Once this connection is established, the rest of the world (i.e. your Internet connection) can be mapped between your PC and the server so that anyone on the Internet can see just how secure or insecure your network is.

Is this a joke? Well, no, it’s not. Many companies use this method to prevent unauthorized access to their network. It’s especially useful for businesses with employees that can gain unauthorized access to the network. If an employee is able to get onto the network, they can do pretty much anything they want – including stealing information.

What if there was a way you could be completely secure while you’re on the network? What if there was software that could allow you to have access to a secure Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world, even if you didn’t have an internet connection? Of course there is! And it’s surprisingly easier than you might think. The software is called PPTP, or Private Branch eXchange.

It’s actually a hardware appliance. You install it on your computer, and it then acts as a tuner for your WLAN. When you connect to a hotspot (which is usually free) your connection is actually covered by the private network.

That means that anyone who wants to connect to your Internet will have to go through the private network before they can see your information. It’s that easy!

Of course, it’s not perfect. You’ll have to manage the login with your username and password. And if you accidentally give someone else access to the network, it will be all the more obvious. But you’ll also have the added security of knowing that no one can gain unauthorized access to your information.

You can use VPN Proxymaster in a variety of ways. If you’re planning to take a trip or spend some time abroad, then this is the perfect option. As mentioned above, it’s a simple hardware appliance you install. You can then use it to access hotspots and secure your wireless connection. It’s perfect for those who want to surf the web but don’t want to expose their sensitive information.

As you can see, VPN Proxymaster is a great tool for getting private network access when you need it. You should check it out today. It’s a one-time fee. If you need to know more about how it works, or whether you can benefit from this service, you can read my review below. It’ll save you some time.

5 Best VPN Software Services

I’m not a technology expert by any stretch of the imagination. But I have been a user of a VPN for about a year now. My first experience with a VPN was through the F-Secure Freedome service, which at the time was very popular, but which was also experiencing a drop in popularity shortly after this review was written. Freedome is now a legal thing. It’s also now a shill for Microsoft to me and many others. Freedome is one of the service’s biggest, biggest draws. It has over 2 million users. That’s a lot of people.

I’m not really into cheating and I have no interest in using Freedome to hide my IP address. But if you are in a country like China, Indonesia, Mexico, etc, then using a service like this is going to be vital in protecting your privacy and your Internet traffic. F-Secure Freedome costs $8 per month, and you can also pay per year for $60 or $240 (there is a free trial). To be fair, the company offers a variety of other VPN services for a variety of reasons, which I will not cover here.

Here are the best VPNs if you are interested in trying out a VPN service for the first time.

You may also want to check out our best overall VPN guide.

World VPN is the best paid VPN service available. It does it all. It’s great for remote users who want a VPN and servers for instant access. It has servers across the globe and even has servers in China and Russia. I’m a fan. Get the 2-year plan which costs $30/month. I have always liked the fact that I can use my own domain when signing up for an account. Signing up for a regular VPN will automatically associate your name with your email address. I also like that when I connect to my VPN on my iPhone, I see my IP address in the F-Secure Freedome app.

Just be aware that most of the servers are in India, while some of the best performing ones are in Australia, and the servers in the US are quite slow.

IPVanish is easily the best iPhone VPN service available. It does have the biggest number of servers in the world and has advanced technology that are well known from the regular iPhone app. The connection speeds are very fast. It also has zero log of user activity. The app is very well designed. It is very fast, which I have experienced from the iPhone app. The interface is great. The app also has a good selection of servers. It’s my favorite, and it’s only iPhone, as of this writing. You have two options when it comes to the price. You can buy a 3-year plan which costs $8.17/month. The 2-year plan costs $6.33/month. I like that I can use my own domain with the service. The app is also pretty good.

PureVPN is another provider with lots of servers and the fastest iPhone VPN connection speed. It does have the largest number of servers in the world with a wide range of countries. It offers secure P2P transfers and has P2P restrictions. The app has some minor issues like ads that aren’t as intrusive as some other companies. It also has ads that cover the app completely. It’s fast enough and it’s easy enough to use. PureVPN does charge a monthly subscription fee of $11.99 (per year), so it’s not free. But it’s not hard to find other free VPN services. It’s the best VPN service for the iPhone, but it’s not perfect.

Private Internet Access VPN is among the best paid iPhone VPN service available, and I would say it’s the best iPhone VPN service. It does have the most servers in the world with a good number of servers in the US. Its Android app is also very good. The service has very strong encryption. It’s also very simple to use, which I have experienced with other versions of Private Internet Access. The app has a good selection of servers and has also P2P and BitTorrent options. Its design is very good. The price is very reasonable. The service is also a very good option for users who want to watch Netflix or Hulu on their iPhone.

NordVPN is another great service. It’s one of the most secure providers available and offers good speeds. The iPhone version of the app is very good. The interface is simple and easy to use. The app has lots of servers. It has P2P support. It has many options for users who want to use their VPN on their iPad or Mac. It’s a very good service. The prices are reasonable. It has fast speeds. The app is good, and it has a good selection of servers.

TunnelBear VPN is another excellent and free VPN service for the iPhone and it does offer some decent speed levels. It’s also easy to use and has lots of servers. The interface is very simple, and it has a large selection of servers. The free service does not offer a high level of security, but the free account is still very usable.

VPN Unlimited for iPhone offers reasonable speeds, good options for devices, and is easy to use. Its VPN app is not as good as the VPN apps of some other providers, but it has good speeds and plenty of servers, and it has a good number of countries. It also offers some P2P options. It’s not the best VPN service, but it’s not bad, either. The price is reasonable. It’s not the most secure VPN service, but it’s good. The app is easy to use.

TorGuard VPN is also another good free iPhone VPN service. It’s also inexpensive, and the iPhone app is very good. It’s easy to use and has lots of servers. The interface is good, and the speed is acceptable. The only downside is that the speeds are not the best, and it doesn’t have all the necessary servers. It also has a somewhat strange interface that resembles a virus scan. The best part is that it is a very good VPN, and you won’t find better for less than $10. It’s also a very good VPN if you want to watch Netflix or Hulu on your iPhone.

ExpressVPN is a fast and very secure VPN service. It has some good speeds, too, but not as good as other providers. It has several countries, including the US, the UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. It also has excellent support. It’s another great option if you want to watch Netflix or Hulu on your iPhone. The pricing is reasonable, and it has options for multiple accounts, including VPN Unlimited and TunnelBear. The iPhone app is very simple. It also offers some P2P options. It has a very strong level of encryption, but it doesn’t have all the servers it might need.

SuperSpeed VPN offers good speeds and a good variety of countries, and it is easy to use. It is one of the better providers if you are looking for a VPN for streaming Netflix or Hulu. It is very fast, and it has a good selection of servers. The app is easy to use, and it has lots of options for you to tweak and customize. The pricing is quite reasonable. The interface is also quite good. It’s also very fast and very secure. The only issue is that the speeds are not the best. If speed is your top priority, then it is the best option.

If you’re looking for a reliable VPN that doesn’t try to trick you, then Private Internet Access is the best option. It has a very simple design and a good selection of servers, and the speed is good. It also has options for multiple accounts, a good app, and plenty of servers. It also supports P2P, but only for torrents. The one downside is that you can only access Netflix in the US.

If you are looking for a high-speed VPN, then NordVPN is the best option. It offers fast speeds, and it has a good selection of servers. The app is good, and it has many options for tweaking. The interface is good, and the speed is good. The speed will depend on which country you are in. It’s not as fast as

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Must Have Woodworking Tools?




How to get into woodworking? Listen to podcasts, watch videos, read books

Tom McHugh of The Woodworks, with his dog Rebel.

I once heard that to go into woodworking, you had to be in love with it or it just wouldn’t stick. That’s a powerful statement. Woodworking is the beating heart of the craft. If you don’t love it, woodworking is not for you.

But you can’t love it until you know how to do it. That’s where a sense of empowerment comes in. My shop is messy, my tools are overabundant, my confidence is barely above the middle grade. I’m a journeyman cabinetmaker who’s been making cabinets for 12 years and just celebrated my first trip to the Global Woodworking Fair in L.A.

By any measure, I’m not very good at woodworking. But I’m not worried about that. The power comes from knowing that I’m a beginner, and everything I have now is the best I can do, even if it isn’t always the best thing for the job.

Woodworking is a craft and not a science, so you can’t depend on manuals and FAQs and perfect pieces, for the most part. Don’t let that discourage you. There is plenty to learn at your own pace, and not being a pro is totally OK.

Having said that, my advice is to take a serious look at podcasts, videos, books, and other information to get into woodworking. Podcasts are a free medium for woodworkers. I listen to more than two dozen podcasts every month. The old carpentry podcasts from American Woodworker magazine and Woodcraft Magazine (the one that interviewed me) are great, but those two are gone. They are still available from various websites, but their content is up-to-date and they don’t exist in the same way as they used to. Other podcasts focus on specific woodworking topics: wood turning, hand tool work, and the like. You can get podcasts that focus on wood, the outdoors, or the craft of woodworking.

You don’t have to look hard to find information on YouTube. I check out videos and tutorials when I need something new. A lot of the top woodworking YouTubers are having a great year. I also find lots of video instructions for complicated machines, like cranes and bandsaws.

There are plenty of books on woodworking available. No, I’m not talking about the technical manuals. I’m talking about the easy to read stuff that will show you step-by-step how to do anything woodworking related. There is no best seller list on woodworking books, so buy them the way you would buy a book about crafts you love: you know, browsing the stacks at the bookstore.

For inspiration and information on a wide variety of woodworking topics, I recommend the following:


“Wood Craft” by Ben Johns and Greg Christiansen

“The Woodwright” by Patrick Fleming

“Practical Woodworking” by Bill Reiter

Woodworking tools

Jig saws

Blade grinders

Hand planes

Hand planers

Nailing guns

Stainless steel extrusions

Rimming knives

Steel mandrels

Moisture meters

Metal finishing machines

Ceramic dosing systems

Tools for cutting slabs

Saw tables

Bench vice


Tool bags


selective photography sawdust on plank

In summary, woodwork is a craft. I recommend taking a look at a lot of the information I listed here. Then start small, like some simple wooden picture frames for your children or your parents.

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Ad Tracking – Why You Need Ad Tracking Software For Your Home Based Business



village with residential houses on snowy mounts

Ad Tracking Success

There are many different reasons to use affiliate marketing programs such as Google Ad Tracking. Tracking is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing. Knowing how many clicks on your ads and referring customers is the easiest way to track the success of your online business. When a visitor performs a certain action after clicking on your ad, it is recorded and sent back to you. By monitoring your Ad Tracking in a number of different ways, you will be able to see what works best for you.

Ad tracking allows you to know where most of your visitors came from. An ad tracking system is essentially a program which will enable you to track and record each click which is generated by visitors to your affiliate links. To make matters even better, you also know where you placed the advertisement. You can either purchase ad tracking software or use a free service offered by many websites. Free services may offer better features than paid products.

Another aspect of Ad Tracking Success is knowing where the biggest part of your traffic is coming from. This is very important because it will give you an idea about where you need to focus your attention in order to get more sales. Ad Tracking will tell you who is clicking on your ads the most, how many people are signing up for your list, what country they are from, and much more. Knowing this information will help you choose the best campaigns to run.

One of the biggest parts of Ad Tracking Success is being able to know if a certain campaign is actually converting. For example, if a person comes to your affiliate program and clicks on your link, but does not order anything, does not make a sale, or does not leave your site, that means that no one has actually made any money from that referral. But if the visitor does purchase something, then you have just made a sale and you made it in an instant. These are the types of conversions that Ad Tracking will help you monitor.

If you are a beginner, Ad Tracking can present newbie marketers with valuable information about how to improve their campaigns. This includes newbie marketers making mistakes as they try to increase their revenue. These mistakes can be costly and time consuming if they are not discovered and corrected before they hurt the revenue that you are already making. Here are some of the best money making affiliate marketing tips for beginners.

Learn the benefits of using affiliate tracking software, but be careful when deciding which product to purchase. There are many good affiliate programs for those who are just starting out in their affiliate marketing career. Some of these programs will allow you to use their tracking tools for free. In other cases, you will need to purchase a product that supports their affiliate programs. However, the cost is worth the investment because it will make you much more money.

One of the most common mistakes made by novice internet marketers is that they do not set up a comprehensive system to track their results. The best affiliate programs will provide you with a comprehensive report on your performance. This report will show you where you need to improve, what you are doing right and wrong and give you some motivation to continue your marketing efforts. This type of information allows you to make better decisions about future affiliate marketing efforts.

Ad Tracking is an essential component of successful home based business marketing. The ability to track your Ad Projects gives you the opportunity to make changes as necessary and provides information to help you improve your results. Using affiliate tracking software allows you to make more money from your marketing efforts while taking care of overhead costs. As you learn more about the world of affiliate marketing and the many ways it can benefit you and your home based business, you will find that Ad Tracking becomes an indispensable tool in your marketing arsenal.

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How Safe Is Vpn Proxy Master?




How Safe Is Vpn Proxy Master?

Please note: you have to sign in and leave the proxy masters even though you can access the internet from our proxy servers without having the proxy master login with the login details. If you want to use this service, please enter your usernames and passwords again and login on

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Now you can select your desired VPN Proxy Master with + or – and simply choose your preferred bandwidth for the vpn proxy master.

However you want to access your internet while staying away from your PC, log on to and choose your desired VPN Proxy Master. Please note that you can only select one VPN Proxy Master at a time. We will update the page as per requests.

Please Note: If you have already selected the vpn proxy master in step 4, please select your choice in the new window that appears.

You can see that we are downscaling the server from 4GB/s to 3GB/s.

Are you using the torrent apps to download torrents? Well you are missing the potential to get around these apps and access your desired internet! So you must have found VPN proxies as best way to access your internet without the VPN! Yes, there are various types of VPN proxies. Lets see the different types of VPN proxies.

VPN Proxy Master is a kind of proxy server that basically acts as your proxy server. VPN proxy master accesses your VPN server and then passes the data or your data to your internet. Here is a brief overview of the type of VPN proxy Master that I am about to talk about.

1) TOR Proxy Master

This is the original form of VPN proxy Master and the one that you would probably use the most. TOR Proxy Master is based on the TOR Network and if you are not familiar with this network then you might not understand its purpose, but if you have used it before you will get the idea.

Once you start on to use this VPN Master, it will give you complete access to the internet through the TOR Network. All your data is safe. And you can browse and access any kind of torrent, file sharing, and dark web based websites and apps while getting the job done without the hassle of using your VPN app.

You can easily configure the VPN proxy Master according to your need and the OS that you are using. Now you can login and browse through the TOR network.

It might be slower than the VPNs, but it is definitely a good solution.

2) IPSEC Proxy Master

The IPSEC Proxy Master was named after the Internet Security Extensions of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) protocol. It is a kind of VPN proxy Master that performs the same function as the TOR Proxy Master.

It was developed to be the successor of the TOR Proxy Master. However you cannot actually use the TOR Network in the IPSEC Proxy Master. All your data is transferred through an encrypted tunnel to your VPN server. You can read more about this here.

Finally, how to use vpn proxy master?

Here is what you have to do to use the vpn proxy master in order to access your desired internet.

How Safe is VPN Proxy Master?

A question that often comes up about VPN and its safety is how safe is open. Well, it depends on the type of security you use. For instance, there are free VPNs (no charges), some paid ones and some that charge. But, the good thing about a VPN service is that it’s always available for use. There’s always a time when you want to use the internet but your position doesn’t allow for Wi-Fi or mobile connections.

How Safe Is Vpn Proxy Master


Now, this is where a VPN comes in handy. A VPN, or virtual private network, lets you use the internet without exposing your identity or location. You can surf anonymously and bypass limitations by using this type of web proxy. This lets you use the internet however you want to – even if there’s no connection available for mobile or Wi-Fi connections. It lets you go online without worrying about how safe your web browsing is.


So, how does vpn work? There are different ways of using it. One way is by using a special web browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. When you connect to a site, the server (which is actually the vpn server) identifies that you are going through and forwards the request to the correct destination. Then the request gets routed through several servers and when it reaches the final destination, the data is decoded and the information is returned to the requesting site.


In theory, this all sounds really amazing. But what happens if you have a bad connection to the internet? The system is working and delivering requested pages. But if the system cannot handle a heavy load, then the page will get interrupted and the user will be prompted to re-request the page. What’s worse, if the requested page is down, the user will not see any difference.


But this is not the case in VPN. Because of smart technology and configuration, the system can withstand heavy load. And since you are using private network, you are protected even from unauthorized access on your part. You will not see any difference on the site, because everything that goes on is encrypted. Therefore, no hacker will be able to read any information from your computer. As a result, you will never know that he got hold of your personal data.


To test this technology, you just need to visit any secure site, such as the Mayo Clinic online. When you enter any sensitive data, you will see the padlock icon on the bottom right corner of the browser. This indicates that the connection is secured and no one will be able to read your data. If you have correctly installed the proxy software, then the padlock icon will turn red.


This way, the hacker cannot do his/her dirty deeds on your computer. So, man is like an extra layer of security around you. If you get an ad for own system, install it now. As soon as you log in to the internet, the VPN service will automatically start working. It will be helpful to remove all the programs and files from the system prior to starting the VPN service.


So, what are you waiting for? Start surfing the internet without any fear. It’s never been so easy to stay protected. Everything is up-to-date and the system runs smoothly. There will never be any downtime!


In addition to that, you get good performance from your internet connection. It is so fast that your online browsing will be super fast. You will also get optimum privacy and clear-cut privacy protection. No logs are generated either on the systems or on the end user end. So, no sniffing, tracking or reading of any confidential information.


You will not be bothered about any pop ups or advertisements. Also, you will be totally protected against cyber threats including adware, spyware, virus, snoopware, etc. Your computer will be totally protected and your privacy is fully assured. If you are wondering, you can even set up another user name and password to use on other computers.


So, now that you know the answer to the question: How Safe is VPN Proxy Master, go ahead and download it. You will be absolutely secure. You will have a wonderful time surfing the internet. You will surely not regret the decision to install it in your systems.

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3 Ways to make your business presentation more relatable

3 Ways to make your business presentation more relatable To be successful in making an impact on the people who attend your event, you must first make them feel as though they are part of what is going on at your event.



Here are three key ways you can do just that.

Step 1: Create a brief 10-15 minute presentation and A LOT of small-talk, and everyone will feel like you’re genuinely interested in their lives. —

Step 2: Get to the Point

After a brief introduction, make your main point and tell them why you’re talking to them in the first place.

Don’t dwell on the backstory—it doesn’t matter. As long as your main point is something that everyone can relate to, they’ll have an easier time following your presentation.

As a way to reinforce your main point, re-emphasize key points from the introduction—if they seemed key or obvious to you, they probably will be for them too.

Step 3: Have Fun!

The presentation is not the most important aspect of the event.

If you’re not having a good time, the people attending your event won’t be either. It is completely fine if you make mistakes or use run-on sentences.

Treat the attendees to goodwill, humor, and open-mindedness.

Give them a chance to ask you questions. It’s OK if they don’t get an answer right away—try to answer them or at least acknowledge their concern.

Go ahead and tell them what your dream outcome is for them.

Gaining a lot of confidence in this step is crucial.

If they feel they can trust you with their questions, you’ll gain their trust and they’ll be more inclined to listen to what you have to say.

Step 4: Tell Stories

All successful stories are true stories. If someone has a specific dream, it’s because they know what they’re passionate about, and that’s a story worth telling.

When talking about your organization’s mission, try to include a story. Don’t just say, “We offer free tax prep.” Instead, share a personal story of the support the organization received and a person or family who benefited from their services.

The main goal in your story is to connect with people, to show them that what you do matters and that you’ve been where they are.

Step 5: Have a positive, upbeat vibe

Everyone loves a warm, fuzzy, feel-good story.

If you tell the same, “We give financial aid to homeless veterans,” again, it won’t resonate the same way as, “One of our clients was hit by a car and injured. Instead of leaving him to die, we treated him at our center and helped him get back on his feet.”

The latter is more relatable, it’s more human.

Even if you share an awkward story, take a step back, and remember the overall message. If you’re having a hard time connecting with someone, the story may be at the root of your difficulties.

Your goal is to simply get someone to engage with you. People leave these events excited and happy.

Bottom Line

When presenting to an audience, remember that people at these types of events tend to be:

Willing to give you their time and attention

Expected to be entertained

Most people are simply looking for a good time

In order to give them that, it is important that you are relaxed and have a positive attitude.

People will also be thinking about how much they are spending on the event. They want to be impressed with the hosts and the food. Therefore, you must come off as important and impressive.

Always remember the most important thing: tell them the truth.

Never make a false promise or deceive someone.

Don’t lie or misrepresent yourself, nor do you tell them anything they don’t already know.

Don’t forget, as a result of this interaction, they will be able to share the same information with their friends and family.


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Defeating unrealistic beauty standards

Set beauty standards are a result of society. Society and media have reinforced these beauty stereotypes over centuries. They have instilled in us what makes one beautiful and women spend their whole lives trying to achieve that to feel happier and content.



Defeating unrealistic beauty standards

Set beauty standards are a result of society. Society and media have reinforced these beauty stereotypes over centuries. They have instilled in us what makes one beautiful and women spend their whole lives trying to achieve that to feel happier and content. Not everyone is born white, with a perfect nose, long silky straight hair, and a perfect body. Society and media have reinforced these beauty stereotypes over centuries but now times are changing. Young girls are being aware that these stunning tall ladies they see on TV are not the definition of beautiful. That one does not have to look like.

Being fair skinned is beautiful

One of the first things that may pop up in your mind when you think about beauty is fair, white skin. It is not your fault that you have unintentionally associated fairness with being beautiful. Children, especially girls have often been told that they should apply lemon or honey on their face for fair and glowing skin, as if their skin is not perfect enough. Random aunties suggesting whitening creams to young girls form a sense of insecurity in these immature minds. Girls then grow up trying everything they can to achieve that perfect skin tone. Fair skin does not make one more beautiful or superior and deep skin complexions are equally beautiful.

Being slim is beautiful

Fat-shaming is very prevalent in our society. It is common practice of women exchanging vigorous diet plans to shed some pounds. It is great to have a healthy lifestyle and to take care of your body but not at the expense of your mental health. Extreme diet leads to depression and increases the insecurity one feels about their body. Each body type is different and works in its own way. A particular diet might work for me, but it is not necessary that it will work for you. All shapes and sizes are beautiful, there is no gold standard that one needs to achieve which would make them more beautiful.

Stretch marks are not beautiful

We all have stretch marks on our bodies. Society and media have built this impression on young mothers to get rid of stretch marks fast as this hinders their beauty and their spouse might not find them attractive anymore. Instead of spending time with their newborns, women end up searching and trying all kinds of remedies to get rid of these marks. Stretch marks are part of us being human. It is natural and women all over the world should embrace them.

Nobody should dictate us how we are supposed to look or how we are supposed to live our lives. We know what is best for us. Achieving a particular look should not be our key to happiness, instead we should focus on good character traits. Beauty is subjective, and nobody should be allowed to define it for us. We need to stop going after these unrealistic beauty standards for our own sake.

Cool dressing tips to take the heat off your salads

Been a while since you had an impressive salad? An array of veggies in their season-appropriate vibrant colours garnished with flavourful, healthy ingredients makes you forget about the monotony of the food we’re offered. Plus, healthy salad kits are available in the market these days, meaning one does not have to fuss around with shopping. So here are some essential salad dressing tips for your next day lunch, or dinner, or post-work snack…

Pick something with a rich, buttery flavour

A dressing that has butter and herbs in it is the easiest route to heat. Think raw shallot and olive oil. You can also have a serving of garlic mashed potato along with the dressing and call it an evening meal. But you should definitely pick a thick dressing that’ll add body to your salad and keep the flavours in check. My personal favourite: apple cider vinaigrette. The vinegar keeps the dressing from being too acidic and adds a savoury kick to it.

Don’t compromise on the tomatoes

Choosing tomatoes as your salad ingredient is key. Tomatoes are high in antioxidant compounds that give the salad its creamy texture. It also has strong vitamins A and C, which help protect against certain diseases and also help to fight cancer. So try to include these fresh vegetables in your salad if you can, even if you’re being calorie conscious. I love to layer tomatoes on top of my greens. Roast some cherry tomatoes or make a delicious tomato and goat cheese panzanella to go with my vinaigrette.

Go easy on the cheese

Cheese is the easiest way to sneak more calories into your diet. So it’s time you gave it up and opted for dressing that packs in more flavour than calories. If you can’t resist, just pair your salad with an extra-fatty, high-protein dip or dip your salad in a bit of hummus. You can also use as dressing to make low-carb wraps.

Make the dressing and the salad at the same time

When you take a walk towards the refrigerator, you probably have three possible destinations in mind. One, you think to yourself, ‘I might find some good ingredients that would go well in this salad’; two, you think to yourself, ‘I should make the dressing and the salad at the same time’; or three, you think to yourself, ‘I should just eat a big bowl of salad right now and call it a day’. If you’re making the salad at the same time you make the dressing, then you can spend less time deliberating over the ingredients.

Celery is a beautiful staple in the salad. It works great with raw almonds, apple slices, strawberries and mango. (Source: File Photo) Celery is a beautiful staple in the salad. It works great with raw almonds, apple slices, strawberries and mango. (Source: File Photo)

Make it colourful

There’s a reason so many salads are made with just iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber. When it comes to a salad, bright colours are the way to go. Try to pick veggies that have a lot of colour in them — strawberries, cherry tomatoes, mango and pink grapefruit are all great options. Celery is a beautiful staple in the salad. It works great with raw almonds, apple slices, strawberries and mango.

Layer, layer, layer

We all have our favourite salad. I have mine layered with broccoli and carrots. You can also add pine nuts and pecans. Just throw it all together and add whatever you want — a blend of pickled vegetables, avocado, feta and lemon vinaigrette — and you’ve got a satisfying salad.

If you want to add some crunch to your salad, toss in some nuts like almonds and walnuts and serve it with some tahini. (Source: File Photo) If you want to add some crunch to your salad, toss in some nuts like almonds and walnuts and serve it with some tahini.

All in all, cool dressing tips will help you bring out the best flavours from the vegetables you pick.

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Does Bluehost Come with WordPress?


on, an internet service provider and web hosting company, has refused to block or take down a torrent search website which offers links to movies and TV shows, the operator of the site claims. The company says that is not within its “authority”.

Does bluehost come with wordpress?

Bluehost may be best known for offering web hosting, but that’s not all the company does. When it comes to wordpress, you should be aware that it’s possible for the hosting company you’re looking at to have a copy of wordpress hosted on their servers – this is exactly what happened to Michelle Lewis when she tried to switch from one wordpress provider to another.

According to Michelle’s case, her friend had started a wordpress blog for his company. When Michelle asked him to transfer the domain to her, she was then offered this option by Bluehost. However, she was told that she could not switch domains, but could only upgrade to a larger premium plan.

I talked to Bluehost to find out if the company’s hosting will be able to play well with wordpress. But, to my dismay, they said that all they have is wordpress on their server. They didn’t mention how they upload or even what that means, but their FAQ page does.

While they did say that some users may find that they need to upgrade to premium account to be able to access wordpress, their hosting plan list doesn’t mention anything about this. However, they did mention that their hosting plan allows them to make backups of files on the server which could be taken advantage of if you are worried about you having access to your wordpress blog.

However, if you are not aware of what it means to have wordpress hosted by Bluehost, you’re not alone.

Sent in by Maddie Craig:

Bluehost is a web hosting company, and their website for wordpress seems to be a good basic option, but their team setup did not have one page to allow me to order a copy of wordpress, and although they mentioned that you can download it, this requires extra steps which I don’t need. I don’t know of any hosting company who doesn’t have a direct link to a copy of wordpress.

In fact, I just looked through the forums, and I could not find anyone that did, and that doesn’t seem like a good approach to have for a company that plans to sell a service.

I would love to hear other users’ experiences with Bluehost’s website. I think for a simple shared hosting account that is offering all the free stuff that the wordpress community wants, they should have it. However, even if they did, if I were to pay for their shared hosting account, I think their service isn’t very good, and I’d be scared to send my money to them.

Based on the above, Michelle’s case was actually quite common: there are other companies who sell hosting, but the hosting companies have a copy of wordpress on their servers. However, they make their money by offering their customers, mainly individuals, hosting. Although wordpress is very popular, the hosting companies do make their money by selling hosting. The main question is whether they can or not.

In closing, does bluehost come with wordpress? I do believe that you can host wordpress. If it’s on your server, then you can host it.

During December, the movie studios behind the feature length film Elysium filed a DMCA notice against TorrentFreak, requesting that it immediately take down the torrent site on which it is hosted., a hosting company which provides domain names and web hosting services to many websites including the torrent site, is the target of the lawsuit.

The movie studios requested that the company block the torrent site, but the hosting company and its General Counsel Edwin MacNamara have responded by denying these requests.

“Bluehost has not (and never has) directed, authorized or otherwise agreed to act on behalf of any copyright owner in relation to our service. It has, however, protected our site with a valid DMCA takedown notice, and we are thankful for their good work,” Bluehost says.

Bluehost adds that it understands that torrent sites like Pirate Bay are “a cancerous growth” which harm copyright holders. It is up to others to shut down these sites, it says, but it can’t do it on its own.

“Torrent sites can be a cancerous growth, and the easiest way to kill a cancerous growth is to cut off the source, or to starve it to death. The former would be censorship, and the latter would be commercial suicide,” the company adds.

“Therefore, under no circumstances, and in no way do we direct, authorize or agree to act on behalf of any copyright owner in relation to our service.

“We recognize that our role is not to take the risk of censorship for the sake of copyright holders. However, the law gives us the right to exercise our own discretion, as long as the site is hosted on a commercial server,” it continues.

This all sounds fair enough, but TorrentFreak asked MacNamara for more information and was told that the movie studios may be in breach of the DMCA. According to Bluehost’s General Counsel, the DMCA only requires hosting companies to take down content that is in violation of the law.

TorrentFreak asked MacNamara to give an example of a DMCA request which did not conform to this. He said that a takedown notice doesn’t make it illegal for a site to host links to pirated content.

“Many torrent site operators are DMCA uploaders who link to copyrighted content, so it is a fairly clear cut example of infringement. As the DMCA does not apply to these uploaders, they can’t be ‘caught’ violating copyright law and could go on hosting links without fear of being shut down.”

However, this interpretation of the DMCA only applies if the site is openly trying to infringe copyright and not when someone reports the link to the hosting company. The issue is similar to the controversy surrounding The Pirate Bay, where users complained that copyright holders were demanding that the site shut down.

The DMCA does, however, require hosting companies to block links to infringing content, so the case is a little different.

It is also unclear which parts of the DMCA require hosting companies to take down content that is not in violation of the law. TorrentFreak asked Bluehost to explain, but MacNamara declined to provide this information.

“Our policy is to keep our customers informed of our activity. That is why we are providing this information, so our customers can understand our services,” he said.

The Pirate Bay, which now operates its own domain name and domain registrar, has been going through its own DMCA-related drama for several months now. On Wednesday The Pirate Bay legal team lodged a new complaint, demanding that Dutch hosting company censor the site’s user forum.

To conclude, knows that it is legally obliged to act on copyright infringement claims, and does not believe that there is anything wrong with hosting copyright infringing sites.


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