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Why You Should Not Buy Instagram Followers?

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Why you should not buy Instagram followers?

Once upon a time, an unknown Instagram star whose name had no ‘K’ or ‘J’ appeared and grew with his audience through many posts. Although his photos looked simple, his followers kept on increasing with each update. His number reached the dizzying heights of 4 million followers.

However, his followers eventually vanished. Despite trying to rebuild his following, his Instagram account was soon banned. We are sure, he could have amassed followers with a better strategy.

You can purchase Instagram followers and even ask someone to buy it for you. A quick search in online marketing forums will prove that this practice is the rage. Some people say that they have great results from buying and selling Instagram followers. Others claim that most of the people who buy followers do not use them correctly.

Some successful marketers sell thousands of followers to their clients. They claim that the biggest benefit of buying followers is that they get a solid base of active and growing followers. Since the user base is the most important, they also claim that the follower numbers do not matter too much. Most of the marketing experts believe that the better your following is the better your conversion rates.

But, have you ever considered the following reasons for avoiding purchasing Instagram followers? Here are a few things you should know.

1. Follower acquisition cost is high

If you are trying to get 10,000 followers through one of the top buying sites, you will pay $100 to $200 to acquire each follower. On average, these sites also have a minimum dollar amount per follower and higher per post depending on how many likes a post gets. The followers are authentic followers, so there is no problem with the validation.

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2. Your followers will likely unfollow you

If you have thousands of followers, there will be a very high chance of one or two of them unfollowing you. It will be most likely to happen if you have more than 500 followers. Of course, many people have followers on their verified accounts, and they do not have the issues that you do.

3. You can lose your followers with negative comments

Not only you will lose all the followers that you acquired, the people will unfollow you due to the unwanted negative comments that you post on the posts. The followers might unfollow you if you are posting extremely offensive comments.

4. You don’t own the followers

One of the major reasons why most people opt for buying Instagram followers is that they can monetize the accounts themselves. However, their Instagram accounts belong to them. You cannot sell it or upload it on any other website.

5. Instagram provides a lot of tools for this

Although many are talking about buying followers on Instagram, Instagram actually provides many tools that can help you monetize your account and can help you create a lot of followers. There is a ton of content that is posted on Instagram every day, and it is very difficult for marketers to find those valuable content on Instagram. You can ask Instagram to promote your posts on their feed, and you can monetize your content by paying Instagram money.

Just remember the consequences if you decide to go for buying Instagram followers.

To summarize, why you should not buy Instagram followers

Why you should not buy Instagram followers?

Like most social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter have set up ways for businesses to make money from their presence on the platform. But what you should not do is buy Instagram followers. In a world where the ideal number of followers to have is an unknown number and a high number of followers may be the ideal to receive a lot of likes on your Instagram page, paying for likes is generally frowned upon. But, you can get a lot of followers for a lot less if you sign up for an account on these sites.

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According to Android Headlines, an insider source at Instagram has revealed that the photo-sharing site is making a lot of money by selling their “Instagram followers” for as much as $9 per 1,000 followers. The source claims that the company has already made $40 million in the last two years with this method and has plans to double this amount this year. In the current scenario, Instagram sells more than 10 million accounts per month, and the number may soon go up if they succeed in expanding its business model.

This insider has revealed that Instagram receives around 10 times more views than Twitter for businesses and that if they didn’t have a monetized platform, Instagram’s traffic would be at a standstill. He also reveals that their traffic for large companies has more than doubled in the past three years. “From a driver’s perspective, Instagram has one of the largest audiences of their feeds. We’ve seen a huge increase in what brands see, in the number of likes and followers. When someone reaches 10 million followers, that number has increased by like 10 times.”

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Also, Instagram won’t charge your account at the end of the year, but it is not clear whether it uses its traffic to pay for new accounts. It seems that this photo-sharing website is creating a lot of money from this method, but they still need to take a lot more steps to improve the transparency of their business model.

Some marketers believe that you should be your own boss and have your own pages if you are looking for genuine interactions. As this insider from Instagram confirms, the amount of followers does not matter as it is more important to create a genuine brand experience, which is much more difficult for businesses to find a customer than buy followers.

Overall, why you should not buy Instagram followers? You should have your own brand.

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