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Why Get Family Travel Insurance?

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Why Get Family Travel Insurance?

Choosing the right travel insurance cover for a family of four is complicated, not least because there are so many different types and you need to decide what you’re looking for based on your travel arrangements. However, there are a few factors to consider.

Do you have the mainstays: the two adults and one child? If not, you need to add in family policies that cater for a second adult and a second child.

Who will be on the holiday? You also need to ask if the parents can stay in the family home while the children are away (or if this applies to teenagers who are away from home for the first time).

Are you holidaying in Europe or the US? If not, you may need to add in European covers that cover people living in Europe.

What are your accommodation needs? You can include costs for flights to the destination as part of your insurance policy. If so, you’ll also need a separate category. Many insurers cover domestic breaks. But if you travel to the extent of a separate European travel insurance.

Will you be travelling to countries where you need individual policies: such as the USA or Thailand?

Do you have children of varying ages: a ten year-old could be a child or adult, and you might need different cover, and different levels of exclusions.

What countries are you going to travel to? Is this another reason for choosing multiple policies? If so, do you buy a separate policy for the country you’re visiting and the countries you will fly to?

It’s essential to read carefully through your policies and get advice on what exactly you need.


Not every policy will cover the same things. Whether you need to pay for a single element is based on your travel arrangements. For instance, many people with children in schools get the Schools Abroad add-on.

There are also a whole range of add-ons and exclusions. For example, the Ray Collins add-on excludes some types of flights and destinations.

Compare and order

Compare the cost of travel insurance policies from some of the UK’s biggest insurers and compare cover and cover for holidays, flights, transfers, hotels, medical expenses, baggage and cruise and transfer cover.

If you don’t have travel insurance, or you don’t think you need to, you may want to consider other things to do when you’re abroad. For example, leaving more money in your bank account will help you recoup some of the cost if you should need to make changes to your travel plans.

Contact your bank or credit card provider to see if they can give you cash in advance of your holiday. This might help cover extra costs if your accommodation is in a less expensive area or if you need to pay for extra attractions or food in your local area, for example.

If you think it’s too expensive for you to purchase travel insurance, speak to your travel insurance provider to see if they can recommend other ways you can travel. They may also be able to offer some form of insurance cover at no extra cost.

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