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Does Bluehost Come with WordPress?

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on, an internet service provider and web hosting company, has refused to block or take down a torrent search website which offers links to movies and TV shows, the operator of the site claims. The company says that is not within its “authority”.

Does bluehost come with wordpress?

Bluehost may be best known for offering web hosting, but that’s not all the company does. When it comes to wordpress, you should be aware that it’s possible for the hosting company you’re looking at to have a copy of wordpress hosted on their servers – this is exactly what happened to Michelle Lewis when she tried to switch from one wordpress provider to another.

According to Michelle’s case, her friend had started a wordpress blog for his company. When Michelle asked him to transfer the domain to her, she was then offered this option by Bluehost. However, she was told that she could not switch domains, but could only upgrade to a larger premium plan.

I talked to Bluehost to find out if the company’s hosting will be able to play well with wordpress. But, to my dismay, they said that all they have is wordpress on their server. They didn’t mention how they upload or even what that means, but their FAQ page does.

While they did say that some users may find that they need to upgrade to premium account to be able to access wordpress, their hosting plan list doesn’t mention anything about this. However, they did mention that their hosting plan allows them to make backups of files on the server which could be taken advantage of if you are worried about you having access to your wordpress blog.

However, if you are not aware of what it means to have wordpress hosted by Bluehost, you’re not alone.

Sent in by Maddie Craig:

Bluehost is a web hosting company, and their website for wordpress seems to be a good basic option, but their team setup did not have one page to allow me to order a copy of wordpress, and although they mentioned that you can download it, this requires extra steps which I don’t need. I don’t know of any hosting company who doesn’t have a direct link to a copy of wordpress.

In fact, I just looked through the forums, and I could not find anyone that did, and that doesn’t seem like a good approach to have for a company that plans to sell a service.

I would love to hear other users’ experiences with Bluehost’s website. I think for a simple shared hosting account that is offering all the free stuff that the wordpress community wants, they should have it. However, even if they did, if I were to pay for their shared hosting account, I think their service isn’t very good, and I’d be scared to send my money to them.

Based on the above, Michelle’s case was actually quite common: there are other companies who sell hosting, but the hosting companies have a copy of wordpress on their servers. However, they make their money by offering their customers, mainly individuals, hosting. Although wordpress is very popular, the hosting companies do make their money by selling hosting. The main question is whether they can or not.

In closing, does bluehost come with wordpress? I do believe that you can host wordpress. If it’s on your server, then you can host it.

During December, the movie studios behind the feature length film Elysium filed a DMCA notice against TorrentFreak, requesting that it immediately take down the torrent site on which it is hosted., a hosting company which provides domain names and web hosting services to many websites including the torrent site, is the target of the lawsuit.

The movie studios requested that the company block the torrent site, but the hosting company and its General Counsel Edwin MacNamara have responded by denying these requests.

“Bluehost has not (and never has) directed, authorized or otherwise agreed to act on behalf of any copyright owner in relation to our service. It has, however, protected our site with a valid DMCA takedown notice, and we are thankful for their good work,” Bluehost says.

Bluehost adds that it understands that torrent sites like Pirate Bay are “a cancerous growth” which harm copyright holders. It is up to others to shut down these sites, it says, but it can’t do it on its own.

“Torrent sites can be a cancerous growth, and the easiest way to kill a cancerous growth is to cut off the source, or to starve it to death. The former would be censorship, and the latter would be commercial suicide,” the company adds.

“Therefore, under no circumstances, and in no way do we direct, authorize or agree to act on behalf of any copyright owner in relation to our service.

“We recognize that our role is not to take the risk of censorship for the sake of copyright holders. However, the law gives us the right to exercise our own discretion, as long as the site is hosted on a commercial server,” it continues.

This all sounds fair enough, but TorrentFreak asked MacNamara for more information and was told that the movie studios may be in breach of the DMCA. According to Bluehost’s General Counsel, the DMCA only requires hosting companies to take down content that is in violation of the law.

TorrentFreak asked MacNamara to give an example of a DMCA request which did not conform to this. He said that a takedown notice doesn’t make it illegal for a site to host links to pirated content.

“Many torrent site operators are DMCA uploaders who link to copyrighted content, so it is a fairly clear cut example of infringement. As the DMCA does not apply to these uploaders, they can’t be ‘caught’ violating copyright law and could go on hosting links without fear of being shut down.”

However, this interpretation of the DMCA only applies if the site is openly trying to infringe copyright and not when someone reports the link to the hosting company. The issue is similar to the controversy surrounding The Pirate Bay, where users complained that copyright holders were demanding that the site shut down.

The DMCA does, however, require hosting companies to block links to infringing content, so the case is a little different.

It is also unclear which parts of the DMCA require hosting companies to take down content that is not in violation of the law. TorrentFreak asked Bluehost to explain, but MacNamara declined to provide this information.

“Our policy is to keep our customers informed of our activity. That is why we are providing this information, so our customers can understand our services,” he said.

The Pirate Bay, which now operates its own domain name and domain registrar, has been going through its own DMCA-related drama for several months now. On Wednesday The Pirate Bay legal team lodged a new complaint, demanding that Dutch hosting company censor the site’s user forum.

To conclude, knows that it is legally obliged to act on copyright infringement claims, and does not believe that there is anything wrong with hosting copyright infringing sites.


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