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What Religious Holidays Are in December?

December is one of the busiest seasons of the year and that is not without reason. With Christmas nearing, many people have already purchased gifts for their loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Then, on December 10th rolls around we find that all the stores are packed with gifts-and unfortunately, some are also sold out.

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What Religious Holidays Are in December?

December is one of the busiest seasons of the year and that is not without reason. With Christmas nearing, many people have already purchased gifts for their loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Then, on December 10th rolls around we find that all the stores are packed with gifts-and unfortunately, some are also sold out. Many people may be left searching high and low for what religious holidays are in December and what they can buy.

There are many reasons for the popularity of this holiday. First, December is the final season for Christmas shopping. Many people purchase decorations ahead of time and stay stocked up until late to ensure that they can visit all the different stores to purchase everything that they need for their holiday party or gathering. The other reason for the holiday’s popularity is that Christmas songs are often played throughout the stores and it wouldn’t be a Christmas song if it wasn’t for the celebration of Jesus Christ. Everyone knows that the true meaning of Christmas is about Jesus and so the season is celebrated with a lot of spirit.

What religious holidays are in December? This question has been bothering many people because not everyone celebrates a religious holiday on this day. Thanksgiving, however, is the most popular religious holiday in the United States. Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and giving thanks. In fact, Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most well-liked meals of the holiday season.

Another popular religious holiday in December is Christmas. Christmas is a time for celebration and giving. It is the first day of Christmas after the winter holiday and the day on which the three wise men came to the manger’s house. Decorations are made and gifts are wrapped. A Christmas tree is adorned and then a star is put on top of it to symbolize Christmas. Some people enjoy having a tree for their Christmas tree, but most choose to use artificial trees.

Christmas in many countries is considered to be the biggest religious holiday. During Christmas people give gifts to each other and send cards to their loved ones. The decorations of Christmas include many symbols of Christianity such as a star cluster or a Christmas wreath. Children and adults alike decorate their homes with lights and tinsel.

Some people do not celebrate a religious holiday on December 8th. If you do not celebrate a holiday on this day, it is referred to as a secular holiday. There are some people who like to change their religious affiliations on this day. For example, on this day that has become known as World AIDS Day, millions of people around the world unite in prayer for the elimination of the disease.

What religious holidays are in December? The list of religious holidays in December can be very long because there are so many religious groups and individuals that celebrate different holidays. Christians celebrate Christmas and New Year’s to Muslims mark the end of Ramadan with an extra ceremony. Some Baha’i also believe that Ashura should be in December.

Some ancient cultures have recognized several holidays throughout the year. For instance, the Chinese have four different religious festivals – New Year’s, Spring Festival, Autumn Festival and Winter Festival. Hindu people celebrate Diwali – the most awaited festival of lights. Although some areas of the world view these as religious celebrations, they are in fact pure feasts that are celebrated to show thanks to god. During the process of Diwali, houses are cleaned and candles are burnt. Some people believe that this process symbolizes the process of lightening the darkness of the souls while at the same time thanking the Supreme God for providing light.

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  • However, in 2004 the VISA credit card organization reported that over the previous several years VISA credit card spending had in fact been 8 to 19 percent higher on the last Saturday before Christmas Day (i.e., Super Saturday ) than on Black Friday. (
  • Four of the largest 11 online shopping days in 2005 were December 11 to 16, with an increase of 12 percent over 2004 figures. (
  • In 2011, Cyber Monday was slightly busier than Green Monday and Free Shipping Day, although all three days registered sales of over US$1 billion, and all three days registered gains ranging from 14 to 22 percent over the previous year. (
  • Analysts had predicted the peak on December 12, noting that Mondays are the most popular days for online shopping during the holiday shopping season, in contrast to the middle of the week during the rest of the year. (
  • Retail strategists such as ICSC Research observed in 2005 that 15 percent of holiday expenditures were in the form of gift certificates, a percentage that was rising. (
  • According to the Deloitte 2007 Holiday Survey, for the fourth straight year, gift cards are expected to be the top gift purchase in 2007, with more than two-thirds (69 percent) of consumers surveyed planning to buy them, compared with 66 percent in 2006. (
  • One in six consumers (16 percent) plan to buy 10 or more cards, compared with 11 percent last year. (
  • Gift cards continue to grow in acceptance: Almost four in 10 consumers surveyed (39 percent) would rather get a gift card than merchandise, an increase from last year’s 35 percent. (
  • Also, resistance to giving gift cards continues to decline: 19 percent say they don’t like to give gift cards because they’re too impersonal (down from 22 percent last year). (
  • South Korea’s population are 30 percent Christian and Christmas is a Public Holiday . (

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