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Five ways to Reduce Hair Loss



Struggling from Hair Loss? Is every brush a loss to your hair?

Almost every girl wishes to get a Rapunzel looking long hair but the problem with hair loss has crushed the dream of many.

Hair loss is a common issue experienced by not only women of old age but women of young age too.

Fret not girls! We are here with some top-notch solutions to reduce hair loss. Scroll down:

Change your diet

Everything that grows out of your body is linked to your diet someway or the other. The same is the case with hair growth and loss. So to cope with the hair you are losing, add protein to your diet. As protein is a source of hair growth. This will also strengthen the hair and prevent them from losing. You can include eggs, meat, and fish in your diet.  Adding omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C and E through fish, almonds, and salmon can also help strengthen your hair.

Exercise regularly

Exercising can induce swear which further helps remove dirt from hair follicles. This removal can cause the growth of new and healthier hair. Stress can also be a common reason for hair loss. Exercising is also a good way to reduce stress.


The conventional way of oiling is very efficient for preventing hair loss. Use oils made up of natural ingredients to treat your hair. Oil massage can also reduce stress and initiate healthy hair growth. Oiling is good if you wish to have a relaxing day ahead. It is good to oil the hair once a week at least to promote healthy hair.

Be Kind to Your Hair

Sometimes you are stressed and you burst out the anger on your hair. No! Please don’t do that. Either a bad day at work or a row with a sibling. Keep your hair out of it. Do not plug out your hair unnecessarily. Keep them away from heat and keratin less styling.

The Brush and Gel

One direct way to be nice to your hair is your hairbrush. Use the one that is made up of soft natural material that does not break the hair. Use a gel or hair spray when your hair is wet to avoid breakage and split ends.

Your hair is your charm. So, they should be taken care of. Treat them well and they shall make you look better!

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